Introducing Player Trends

Trends have been a hot thing on the internet for some time now.  Many major websites have their own form of trends: Google, Yahoo, Twitter, ESPN, etc.  I am pleased to announce that FantasySP is bringing Player Trends to paying and trial members.

Player Trends

Player Trends will be shown in the header, next to the FantasySP logo, on every single page.  Users who have decided to upgrade their account will see the Player Trends in place of banner advertisements.  This feature is to thank our users for supporting us and paying for a membership.  So how exactly does it work?

Player Trends showcases the most important player news right now at a quick glance.  You’ll notice that some names are grayed out while others are bolder and even underlined.  The bolder the name, the hotter the trend.  Iif you see a name that is underlined it is significant news.  For example, in the screenshot above you’ll notice that Matt Cassel is the hottest trend because it was just announced that he did not make the team flight and is ruled out for Sunday’s game.  Mouse over each name and you’ll see the player’s full news update.

I hope all our users enjoy this feature and expect to see more improvements down the line for this feature and others.


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